Who we are and what we do?

Menacon is a Finnish IT architecture company. We provide enterprise architecture design service and we prefer to work according to TOGAF® methodology. Our services cover all four TOGAF architecture areas, namely:

  • Business architecture
  • Data Architecture
  • Application Architecture
  • Technology Architecture

We are also an independent company: we are not committed into particular technology, architecture or product; neither are we owned or controlled by organizations that provide IT system implementations. This gives our customers two benefits: First, a freedom to choose best solution for them. And secondly, possibility to take advantage of reduced risk and cost with fixed-price subcontracting.

We are constantly improving our methods and tools to document, store and publish the architectural and system information. Currently XML based DITA provides an excellent way to store the deliverables and publish them in various formats. Our methods and tools allow us to work considerably faster than producing deliverables in legacy formats.