Ever finished packing and looked at your over-stuffed bags and wondered: "Do I really need all of this?" Some software projects feel like that. Is the best practice really to stuff the system full of various frameworks? Sometimes out of spite, others simply for sake of curiosity we set out to make an alternative. So, for those trips where you just want to take a toothbrush and a passport and spend more time on actual travel than packaging, we are happy to be your traveling companion.


System deployment, maintenance and configuration manager.

Deployment and configuration tools present a major chicken-egg problem. The amount of setup needed for setup tools is quite surprising. We wanted something that can just be dropped into a system and it would be ready to go.

Configuration management should also be unobtrusive. It should be simple to tweak configuration during development but at the same time have the ability to see what was changed and restore the last save point if needed. And have the ability to distribute new settings to other devices or servers.

PAF Doc tools

Tools for Pragmatic Architecture Framework (PAF).

PAF captures the essence of architecture making it a very good companion for agile development. To adhere to the pragmatic nature of the framework few tools make the documentation work a breeze. We have developed a Latex documentation framework to help with easy, modular, and version-controlled documentation. For easy and safe browsing of the documentation, we have a small web application.

Minimal Full Stack

The the bare bones tool stack to implement web applications.

After being involved in a few full-stack web application development projects with a framework or library for every purpose we wanted to see what would the full stack look like if we stripped it to a minimum. It is a bit like starting from a semi-truck and ending up with a motorbike. Two very different vehicles but if you need to get fast from A to B, then we suggest that you hop on the bike.

Cpp for Scripts

The C++ scripting library.

There is no shortage of scripting languages. We have used several during our careers. Interestingly many of them have been implemented with C-language. Putting syntax aside they are kind of C-libraries. Half out of spite and half out of curiosity we built a library that could be used as a foundation to write a script-like code with C++. It turned out to be very useful and now we can't live without it.